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pen2nature is a new, sustainable brand that creates books in which you can doodle, draw and write.

Puzzle books, colouring books and any other kind of book that you can write and draw in don’t tend to last that long.
This is precisely why they should be produced in a way that conserves resources. 
We are on a mission to do just that!

Here you will find colourful drawing books, puzzle books and pre-school books. Our books come in all shapes and sizes, and we create them for children big and small ... and adults, too! 
Our books are ideal for passing the time on long car journeys, for cosy evenings at home, or just to help you unwind.
Some of our puzzle books are also available in large print.




Whether you’re an adult or a child, our titles will stimulate your creativity and provide the perfect antidote to our hectic, digital-centric everyday lives.
After all, we all need to give ourselves a break sometimes.

We have crossword puzzles, memory training, large-print puzzles and much more, for both adults and young people.
For the little ones, there are colouring books, pre-school exercises and a lot of puzzle fun to discover.

Our goal is to expand our range continuously and, in the long term, offer all kinds of books in which you can write or draw.
At the core of our range is a varied selection of puzzle and colouring books for adults and children.



Yeah! Unsere Vision geht weiter. Wir freuen uns, dass unsere ressourcenschonenden Blöcke und Bücher zum Ausmalen und Rätseln unter unserer Marke „Naturalis“ in einer zeitlich befristeten Aktion auch im Lebensmitteleinzelhandel erhältlich sind. So können wir noch mehr Menschen auf unserer Mission mitnehmen – jeder Baum zählt.



recycled paper


Our paper is not grey or brown like conventional recycled paper but bright white.
We do not use optical whiteners or chlorine bleach in the production of our paper, and less energy and water are needed to make it, so it is particularly environmentally friendly compared with the production of classic recycled paper.


Our environment is important to us.
Due to the material we use, our products are already more environmentally friendly and resource-saving than others.
We produce them as sustainably as possible – based on three fundamental principles:


Avoidance of emissions:

Our books are printed with mineral-oil-free ink and on 100% FSC® recycled paper.

Carbon neutrality by offsetting residual emissions:

What we cannot save in CO₂ during the production of our books, we compensate for by supporting environmental projects.

Support for reforestation projects:

For every book we print, we donate 10 cents to projects that plant woodlands of native trees.



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