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pen2nature offers a wide variety of activity books that are not only fun but sustainable too



It all began, as is so often the case, with a surprisingly simple idea: 
What if we could save trees with books?
It sounds absurd. After all, paper is made from trees.
But our vision was also to do something good for the environment with our titles.

And, once again, the reason for this is simple:
The climate crisis is suddenly right on our doorstep.
Every day we are reminded of how important it is to protect our planet.
And we all have to stick together on this.
It’s not only politicians and large corporations that have to step up; we as individuals can also make a difference in our everyday lives.

We, as young publishing people, have realised that (our) books can contribute to living more sustainably.
Resources for books are limited, after all. 
And so it was that, with a small team, our new brand, pen2nature, was born.
We produce our “pen-on-paper books” on extra-white FSC recycled paper and with mineral-oil-free inks, we offset residual emissions, and we support afforestation projects.

More information about the sustainability of our books can be found here:

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We are the driving force of the pen2nature team: Irina Gilgen and Anna Bednarz

Foto von Händen, die drei pen2nature Bücher hochhalten. Fotografin-Guelten_AL (8 von 8)_edited.jpg

As the graphic designer, Irina Gilgen ensures that every book has a fresh look that appeals to our target audience. In her free time, she likes to hurtle through forests on her mountain bike. She has been vegan for more than 10 years and, together with her husband, loves to create new dishes.

As the editor, Anna Bednarz always has an eye for what makes good content. When she’s not hiding behind a book, she enjoys baking and walking. And because she spends so much time outside with her young son, the future of our planet is especially close to her heart.

And then there are lots of other people who ensure that our great books are bursting with life, are produced to the highest standards, and make it into the hands of kids and grown-ups around the world.


At pen2nature, we are always trying hard to get a little bit closer to our goal – to make our everyday lives more environmentally friendly.


But what about you?

I'm sure you've asked yourself the same question:
What can I personally do to protect the climate? Books often get thrown away, and this is especially true when it comes to books you draw or write in. Often, they get discarded as soon as they’ve been filled in.
In an era of recycling and zero waste, we believe our publishing concept of returning consumer goods to the recycling process is truly valuable.

So when you buy our sustainable books, you and your children will not only have some fun but also making the world that little bit better.



Of course there’s always more we can do, but you have to start somewhere.
We always want to be up to date, so we strive to constantly improve the production of our books and expand our range in many ways.


So stay tuned - there’s more to come.

Your pen2nature team

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